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Jet Airways Web Check-in

Jet Airways is one of the top performing private airlines in India. In these all passengers are short of time and every one wants to save time at airports. You can do Jet Airways Web Check-in from your home in a click and avoid standing in long queues at airports.

Jet Airways offers many facilities to its customers to make their travel more enjoyable. You can join Jet Privilege to get more points and Jet Airways Lounge offers you more relax at airport during your travel.

Whenever we travel to any destination we need to reach airport at least 2 hours prior from actual departure of flights. This all includes Web Check-in. To avoid standing in long queues and get frustrated with the travel, Jet Airways offers online web check-in, where you just visit the official website and submit your PNR number and do web check-in online.

For Jet Airways Online Web Check-in please ensure following things:
  • There need to be maximum of seven peoples in your booking PNR.
  • You need not to include an infant or a child as a part of your booking record (PNR).
  • You need to match the name the name entered for your check-in exactly with your booking record (PNR).
  • If you have booked your ticket through travel agent, you need to get your PNR number to do online web check-in.
Class Category Check-in within India International Check-in
First Class All N/A 48 to 2 hour prior departure
Première All 48 to 1 hour prior departure 48 to 2 hour prior departure
Economy JetPrivilege Platinum / Gold 48 to 1 hour prior departure 48 to 2 hour prior departure
All other guests 24 to 1 hour prior departure 24 to 2 hour prior departure

How can you use Web Check-in facility:
  • You need to have a computer or laptop along with printer available with you.
  • Your ticket needs to be confirmed and you must have seat number.
  • For group travelling, you can do web check-in for maximum seven peoples.
  • Web check-in can be done any time from one hour to 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Guests departing from an airport which is online with our check-in system.
Who are not eligible for web check-in:
  • If you are travelling with child or infant, they do not come under the criteria of web check-in.
  • If your ticket is not confirmed or in waiting.
  • Travelers who are physically handicapped, minor, hearing impairment are out of web check-in policy
  • Staff travel, Interline travel, Codeshare flights, Industry Discount tickets, upgrade vouchers and agents discount tickets.
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